Empower your customers to schedule and manage their appointments.

Book on any phone or computer

Clients can easily book appointments on the web using their phone, tablet or computer browser.

Be empowered by Microsoft

Bookings is hooked into your business workflows as it runs on Microsoft Office Business Premium, giving you security and reliability.

Offer a superior customer experience

Your clients experience a technologically-advanced, reliable solution that other service providers don’t yet offer.

Spend time on what counts

Free up your team’s time from taking and amending appointments, to product development, customer care or learning new skills!

Bookings for Recruitment

Trying to arrange interviews while you are in interviews can be challenging!

To avoid losing an interview opportunity with that “walking placement” who could be perfect for your client’s team, or double booking meetings with clients that could cost you that commission, use Bookings as your very own scheduling assistant.

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Bookings for Healthcare

Whether a medical office sees a steady stream of patients every day or just a trickle of patients here and there, appointment scheduling is the key to running smoothly. It ensures that no patient becomes lost in the system. Not to mention that a smoother transition from patient to patient can allow doctors more quality time with each individual, answering questions and being more sensitive to each case file. In turn, patients are happier and have more peace of mind.

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Bookings for Beauty & Wellness

Double-booking, lost appointments, no-shows, and salon scheduling conflicts all lead to your clients not having the ideal experience, which can be an owner’s worst nightmare. In the personal grooming industry, customer relationships are crucial to keep your business afloat. Good organisation is key to the success of your reputation, your staff’s productivity and your bottom-line.

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Bookings for Fitness

You spend 80% of your time answering emails or texts and only 20% of your time actually working with your clients — this isn’t the way to run a successful coaching business.

Bookings does all the heavy lifting of managing appointments for you so you can focus on your clients.

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